Donovan Group partners with Shearform to bring DonoBrace to Australia

Donovan Group’s innovative products are a perfect match for our steel processing capabilities. We’re excited to bring this superior bracing system to Australia.” 

 – Sean Rumler, Managing Director at Shearform  

As long time leaders in the Australian industrial space, Shearform specialises in steel processing and innovative steel construction solutions.  

“When we were planning to launch DonoBrace, our tension-only rod bracing system, into Australia, we knew it was essential to work with the best in the business,” says Donovan Group’s Director, Brett Donovan. “We are proud to be partnering with Shearform to bring quality, efficient bracing to metal building projects across the country. 

We sat down with Shearform’s key players, Sean Rumler, Managing Director, and Wayne Svrakov, Director of Business and Strategy, for their take on DonoBrace, and what the future holds for Australia’s steel and construction industry. 

As one of the largest steel processing companies in the Southern Hemisphere, Shearform works across a broad range of projects and industries in Australia. Known nationally for their excellence in executing difficult and complex jobs, Svrakov describes Shearform’s machinery as “second to none for their capacity and capability.” 

At Donovan Group, we are laser focused on delivering efficiencies via innovation, all the while considering our impact on the environment. We are proud to be partnering with another family-owned and operated business with similar approaches when it comes to innovation and integrity.  

Why DonoBrace? 

“Donovan Group has really brought forward innovation with the DonoBrace bracing system,” says Rumler. 

DonoBrace is designed to offer a more efficient, streamlined way to employ quality bracing across a wide range of building projects. 

“It’s pretty much a slam dunk with builders and riggers,” says Svrakov. “The feedback we’re getting here in Australia is just how much easier DonoBrace is to work with. It’s saving time and money on site, no question.” 

Designed to use less material for higher capacities, DonoBrace combines efficiency gains with user-friendly installation. The system can be tensioned in place and doesn’t require long rigid lengths of steel, which makes installing bracing easier and faster compared to traditional methods. 

“With DonoBrace, you’re not having to manufacture or paint on site. It’s a one-stop shop – the components arrive on site ready to go, which makes the whole process so much better,” says Svrakov. 

What makes DonoBrace stand out in the Australian market, according to Svrakov, is how the product “aligns with the way this industry actually functions.” Both Donovan Group and Shearform have operated in the industry for over 60 years. That experience comes with a deep understanding of how construction processes work, and which ones often cause headaches.  

Adapting to a new market 

Bringing the system to Australia opens the doors for construction professionals to employ efficient bracing in their metal building projects – but shifting traditional construction processes doesn’t happen overnight. Shearform has been integral in helping our DonoBrace team understand and deliver effective solutions to the Australian market. 

“The great part about working with Donovan Group is their willingness to collect feedback and really do the work to get the model to market,” says Svrakov.  

As with any piece of new engineering innovation, DonoBrace has transformed throughout its development to better align with industry needs and usability. Shearform is known for tackling large-scale projects that no one else can support. DonoBrace, according to Rumler and Svrakov, fits well into the wide-ranging scope of Shearform’s work.   

Backed by extensive independent and dynamic testing, the DonoBrace system is appropriate for use in high-load environments. This is particularly relevant in Australian states susceptible to extreme wind hazards.  

For all areas of Australia, DonoBrace offers greater cost efficiency by significantly reducing the time and effort required to prepare and install the system on site.  

“From our perspective, DonoBrace is simply a superior product – in quality and efficiency – to other bracing systems on the market,” says Svrakov, “and I predict we’ll see a drastic shift here in Australia once people start to catch on to these Donovan Group products.” 

What’s ahead for Donovan Group in Australia? 

“Going forward, our partnership will continue to grow,” says Svrakov. “As two established, family-oriented businesses, we are very much aligned in how we operate. We both have a long history in this industry, and we understand how to deliver exceptional service and products to our customers.” 

As innovative products like DonoBrace become more widely utilised in Australia, this industry will start to see better efficiency and quality when it comes to on-site processes.  

“The systems designed by Donovan Group are highly capable products. In Australia, DonoBrace uses 100% Australian plate steel, and are aesthetically far superior to the conventional options currently available,” says Rumler.  

With expert knowledge backed by years of excellence in Australia, Shearform is an international leader in steel processing. For more information about their services, get in touch with their team today. 

DonoBrace is now available for use throughout Australia. Learn more about what tension-only rod bracing can do to optimise your building projects by downloading the DonoBrace Technical Guide. 


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