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Technical Information

This booklet includes information on testing, installation, design/dimensions and guidance for structural engineers and installers.

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Dynamic testing by Holmes Solutions LP demonstrates that DonoBrace satisfies the structural requirements of both Australian and New Zealand Building Codes – AS4100 under the NCC in Australia, and NZS3404 in New Zealand.

More Capacity
and Less Weight

The DonoBrace G830 threaded galvanised bar has been tested to AS/NZ 1170.0 with G350 plate connections. This higher capacity result means you can choose a smaller diameter and lighter weight bar than competitor products.

Fast & EASY

DonoBrace is designed for simple and efficient installation. The steel bracing product ends allow for less sophisticated coupling components, dramatically decreasing installation time.

Tried & Tested

How To \ Install DonoBrace

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“We at Grayson Engineering (2015) Limited, are a regular user of the DonoBrace system and we are thoroughly pleased with the product. It is readily available, easy and efficient to install, and the local support team is excellent.”

David Moore - Managing Director

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