Partnership between Behlen Custom Fabrication and Donovan Group

Australasia’s top bracing technology takes new strides in the US as DonoBrace partners with Behlen Custom Fabrication.

DonoBrace, a highly efficient tension-only rod bracing system from New Zealand company Donovan Group, is now being manufactured and distributed by Behlen Custom Fabrication in the US.

Bracing systems are essential for the structural integrity of buildings. DonoBrace is a lightweight, high-capacity bracing system for metal buildings by employing direct-action tension. Material-efficient, quick to install, and available as a standardized option for large-scale bracing, DonoBrace has been transformative for the on-site installers across Australasia.

With growing demand for DonoBrace in North America, it was time to develop a local partnership that would ensure the product’s quality and expand distribution capacity.

"We sought a partner that possesses an in-depth understanding of the industry. Our approach to product development and manufacturing is deliberate, as is our strategy for bringing technology and solutions to market. Central to our ethos is exceptional customer service and high support standards, and we were keen to find a partner who shares these values," said Matt Woodley, CEO of Donovan Group, the company behind DonoBrace.

Behlen Custom Fabrication, based in Nebraska with over 50 years’ experience in the field, has a proven history of top quality, internationally recognized steel fabrication. It was a perfect match: Behlen’s impressive capabilities, and DonoBrace’s wide potential in the American market.

Our focus is helping our customer succeed with leading industry fabrication and support. Bringing an advanced product like DonoBrace to a wider group of clients is exciting,” said Michael Ryan, Building Service Manager at Behlen.

DonoBrace was developed by a team of engineers and product specialists at Donovan Group, one of New Zealand’s oldest and most renowned voices in construction innovation. DonoBrace was first used on buildings erected by businesses in the Donovan Group. DonoBrace was sparked by the need for a simple product that is fast and easy to design, specify & install.

Following years of research, independent testing (including dynamic testing), and thorough consultations with erectors, the DonoBrace product was released as a uniquely easy-to-use, quality assured, and highly efficient tension bracing system. The design is effective, but simple and unlike conventional systems, DonoBrace does not require sizing or cutting materials to suit the brace length, which saves considerable time on-site.

Compared to typical bracing systems, DonoBrace offers 30-50 percent faster installation. The product does not require complex temporary bracing, off-site welding, or the use of epoxies. The speed, accuracy, and efficiency offered by the product has gained attention from AISC and Modern Steel Construction.

“DonoBrace does so much more than just offer a higher-capacity product. It’s about the entire journey of getting bracing taken care of to the highest level of quality. DonoBrace makes that process easier, clearer, faster, and more efficient at every stage,” said Oliver Foote, Chief Commercial Officer at Donovan Group, the company behind DonoBrace.

Being an off-the-shelf bracing system also means considerable time saving for structural engineers. They simply select the appropriate size of DonoBrace based on the building’s capacity requirements, and the specifications are already complete and quality compliant. DonoBrace, taken to the international stage, is poised to offer installers, engineers, and building developers a more sustainable, simpler solution for bracing.

“We are thrilled to be entering this partnership with the incredible team at Behlen. This marks an exciting time for construction innovation, for Donovan Group, and distributing this product in North America,” Woodley said.

For more information about DonoBrace technology, or distribution in North America, contact Ricky Wimberly, Business Development Manager, USA from the Donovan Group or John McConnell, Regional Sales Manager from the Behlen Custom Fabrication team.

Donovan Group, established in the 1960s in New Zealand, has become known for solving entrenched construction challenges at a global scale. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer service excellence, they support a portfolio of building and construction brands and products.


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