Finding transportation efficiencies and solutions

With petrol prices skyrocketing worldwide, reducing transportation and freight has never been more important. Every kilogram of material saved for a large-scale project – every bolt, plate, connector, and bar – delivers greater transportation efficiency. 

With over 60 years of industry experience, we aim to create construction products that are practical and carbon conscious. Innovation, for us, is providing high quality products that streamline the construction process. 

We developed DonoBrace to offer a high-capacity, lightweight tension-only rod bracing system that is easy to handle and more cost-effective to transfer.  

Transporting DonoBrace  

DonoBrace is designed to suit a wide variety of construction projects and weather environments. Our products are specified based on a structure’s load requirements, and sold as a complete system. DonoBrace is shipped in manageable bundles of 9-metre lengths along with endplates and kits – making the process of handling and transporting as easy as possible. 

When the DonoBrace system arrives on-site, builders are given a full installation guide for cutting the lengths and pulling the system into tension.   

Finding creative solutions  

It’s no secret that the construction industry is facing supply chain challenges like never before. International delays pose immense challenges in sourcing various construction materials.  

At Donovan Group, we do everything in our power to find better alternatives to shipping and handling processes. Working closely with international distributors, and quickly learning how to respond to a changing market, our team consistently works to find a better solution to distribution and supply chain blocks.  

Because DonoBrace is an off-the-shelf system built in multiple sizes, we avoid many of the communication and manufacturing delays that may be associated with bespoke products.  

Standard production also means that DonoBrace doesn’t require unique or offsite fabrication, painting or welding. Removing these steps means the product doesn’t need multiple trips on the road before installation.  

Understanding the industry  

Leading the DonoBrace team, Warren Dingle organises product dispatch and sales in the New Zealand market. Over the course of his 14 years at Donovan Group, Warren has seen a small team of 16 members grow into an international, multi-branch stronghold. 

At Donovan Group, our focus is on the customer. As a construction company, we understand how important it is to work with people who understand the industry. We are committed to going above and beyond for our customers because we know that great products need to be backed by great customer service. 

When it comes to handling logistics, Warren emphasises how important it is that a customer is able to speak directly to the people who can help you. “It’s our job to support our customers every step of the process. Sometimes that means finding solutions to a problem you don’t have control over. If there’s a way we can help them achieve success in their project, we do it.”  

Transportation efficiency is about more than just minimising material weight. When unpredictable events get in the way of supply, efficiency is knowing that you have immediate, direct support to ensure you’ll receive the right materials, at the right time.  

“Our work doesn’t stop at 5pm when it’s time to go home, it doesn’t stop when we face supply delays from overseas, and it doesn’t stop when we’re asked to do something outside the norm.”   


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