Bracing innovation from Donovan Group: usability meets time efficiency

“DonoBrace is elegant in its simplicity. We have spent hundreds of hours in the development and engineering of this product to ensure it works intuitively.” - Kerry McCollum, Head Engineer at Donovan Group

Building a more efficient future starts with incremental improvements across every element of the building process. At Donovan Group, we wanted to see a better solution to bracing that would offer material, time, and cost efficiencies.

While bracing is often overlooked because it represents such a small percentage of steel used in buildings, it can absorb hours of precious time to specify and install.

The standard bracing process requires a new set of specifications for every build. Manufacturers then produce unique frames for the building, and installers organize on-site fabrication, welding, and painting to prepare the system for erection. As an essential part of the building process, any hiccups along the way can cause costly project delays.

As a construction company with over 60 years of experience, we saw the opportunity to speed up this process by creating an off-the-shelf bracing system. Starting with our own building projects, we engineered a more lightweight, efficient system.

DonoBrace is our solution, developed to provide high-capacity bracing for metal buildings. The system is a compliant, tension-only rod brace, designed for a more streamlined process from planning to installation.

Standardized specifications for quicker structural planning

We’ve created comprehensive documentation for multiple sizes of DonoBrace – each with known and extensively tested capacities and properties.

Structural engineers simply select and place the preferred DonoBrace size into structural drawings using compatible drafting software.

Learning the DonoBrace system can pose a small amount of effort to learn the new product at first. However, once a structural engineer is familiar with DonoBrace, they can use it to finalize a structure’s bracing in just a few minutes.

No fabrication required on-site

As an off-the-shelf system, DonoBrace is the same product every time.

Typical bracing systems require multiple transits to prepare the system for installation – including welding and painting.

DonoBrace has cut out these stages for a time-efficient process on-site.

Designed for easy installation and quality sign-off

While developing DonoBrace, we worked closely with builders & erectors to make the system as user-friendly as possible.

Bracing kits are packaged in separate bags with a full installation guide to help facilitate quick assembly.

The system is designed without large rigid lengths of steel for easy handling. Installers simply cut the lengths to size.

Unlike most bracing systems, installing DonoBrace doesn’t require complex temporary bracing to achieve plumb framing. Using direct-action tension, a rod is connected through the DonoBrace, and then tightened to pull the portal legs to a square position. This avoids having to rework or cut the bracing length if the portal legs are slightly off plumb at the time of installation.

DonoBrace can also be tensioned from just one side – making it a single-person effort. While most bracing methods require four to five installers, DonoBrace typically requires just two.

From material usage to planning to installation, DonoBrace offers efficiency at every step of the bracing process. Learn more about what off-the-shelf bracing means for the construction industry from our expert team at DonoBrace.


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