What is the future for bracing buildings?

Bracing is a small but crucial aspect of the design and build process that is often overlooked.

At Donovan Group, we consider all aspects of the construction industry. Working towards better overall efficiency starts by considering every component of a building.

For the future, the industry is pushing forward efficiency, sustainability, and preparing for high load environments. DonoBrace is our response to bracing innovation – offering an off-the shelf, high-capacity system that reduces labor and material costs.

Supporting buildings in high load environments

Design and engineering needs to take into account all possible forces that a building can experience. Whether this be high winds, seismic conditions or weather events. Infrastructure solutions for the future will need to factor in a changing global environment. To support structures in a range of high load environments, bracing systems should be designed for increased ductility, strength, and security.

Automation, as Donovan Group Head Engineer Kerry McCollum predicts, may help secure better industry-wide agreement about structural solutions for seismic-prone environments. “As we continue to learn more and test more, we’re starting to develop mutual understanding for how to best keep buildings standing under any number of different environmental conditions.”

Standardized solutions

Moving towards better efficiency for bracing isn’t just about material usage – it's also about streamlining processes for construction professionals and making everyone’s life in the value chain easier.

Standardising the bracing process makes the job of designing, specifying, shipping and installing the system faster, easier, and more cost-effective. As an off-the-shelf product, DonoBrace helps streamline the work for everyone involved – from structural engineers to fabricators to installers.

As Atco Steel Developments has attested, “DonoBrace is a much easier and simpler system to use. It requires fewer people to install compared to the other braces we use, helping us significantly reduce project costs.”

A greener future

Industries, governments and individuals are all becoming more carbon conscious as climate change becomes more potent. Structural innovation is on its way towards better material efficiency, clean manufacturing, and waste reduction.

While sourcing more sustainable materials is helpful, the best way to reduce emissions is by reducing material usage without sacrificing quality or capability.

McCollum explains, “Every pound of steel used has a carbon footprint. The key is to increase efficiency so that you can do the same job with less weight.”

Like many other forward-thinking industry leaders, Donovan Group is consistently looking towards better ways to employ steel. DonoBrace, designed for material efficiency, offers a higher capacity system to save weight.

As a lighter product, DonoBrace helps reduce transportation costs & emissions. While fuel prices increase, companies are under pressure to cut down on loads and omit unnecessary transportation. The future will depend on products that require less steps, and more importantly, fewer trips on the road. Using off-the-shelf bracing means off-site fabrication and painting are unnecessary, helping companies avoid extra transits.

DonoBrace product expert John Lawson also suggests the importance of finding better methods for repurposing and recycling material. DonoBrace, for example, uses high quality metal offcuts from beam shafts, helping productively reroute material from going to the foundry. Lawson predicts that creating cyclical systems will become more common throughout the industry.


Innovation in the construction industry is moving rapidly towards better efficiency, greener solutions, and cost-effective processes. DonoBrace represents a step into the future for bracing technology. The tension-only rod brace is an off-the-shelf system providing better material efficiency.

Incorporate forward-thinking innovation into your future structural projects. Talk to the team at DonoBrace to learn more what off-the-shelf bracing means for your next build.


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