Reduce Project Costs with Tension Bracing 

Optimising costs for structural projects is two-pronged. The first priority is to minimise material usage and improve product efficiency. The second is to simplify construction processes to reduce the time, labour, and transportation required to get products installed. 

DonoBrace is our solution for a more cost-efficient bracing system, every step of the way. 

The high efficiency tension-only rod bracing system has been designed with the entire construction process in mind. The result is an off-the-shelf solution that requires less material weight for the same job, and it requires only one or two people to install.  


Lower onsite labour costs 

DonoBrace isn’t just a more efficient product – it also offers a simpler process.  

The system is designed for easier, quicker installation with less steps along the way from manufacturing to installation.  

DonoBrace arrives onsite pre-galvanised. It doesn’t require any long, rigid lengths and it can be tensioned after the connection plates are attached to the portal legs. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to perfectly plumb the structure before installation, and recutting lengths is never an issue. Not only does this save time for builders and riggers, but it also makes the job simpler and easier. 

While typical bracing systems usually require four or five people to install each beam, DonoBrace is specifically designed for just one or two people. Featuring serrated nuts, the system can be tightened from one side, such that a single person can finish tensioning at either end. 

Compared to traditional bracing systems, using and installing DonoBrace requires less people and less time to complete the job. 

Atco Steel, for example, stated that by switching to DonoBrace from a more typical bracing system, a heritage project was able to save 60% on bracing costs. 


Lower material costs 

The DonoBrace system was developed with material efficiency and sustainability in mind. The innovative design delivers a higher capacity solution for metal buildings, therefore using less product material overall.  

In traditional bracing systems, the load is distributed across the length of the system, but the connection to the portal frame limits the load that can be transferred. Tension-only rod bracing, however, utilises the full capacity of the rod to transfer the load. 

The DonoBrace system is available in multiple sizes to suit a variety of capacity requirements. This makes it possible to optimise material usage for a project’s load requirements without having to manufacture a bespoke bracing system.  


Lower fabrication costs 

DonoBrace is an off-the-shelf product – which means that we provide full specification details for the system that are already code compliant and rigorously tested.  

Therefore, DonoBrace doesn’t require any unique fabrication costs. No welding, no cleats, no offsite fabrication, and no painting is required. Fabricators simply ensure that the correct amount of bolts and washers are included in the connection set, and drill holes according to specified dimensions. 

Using an off-the-shelf bracing system requires less time, and therefore less cost, for fabrication. 


Lower transportation costs 

Without the need for welding, painting, and other offsite processes, the DonoBrace system requires fewer trips on the road to get the product ready for installation. 

Plus, material efficiency means less weight overall to handle and transport. 

With fuel costs on the rise and sustainability at the forefront of the industry, it’s never been more important to consider transportation efficiency.  



Reducing project costs starts with efficient products that are simple to use and implement.  

DonoBrace is an easier solution to bracing, requiring fewer people and less time for installation.  

To learn more about how the system works, get in touch with the DonoBrace team or download our Technical Guide. 

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